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OEM System-on-a-Chip

System on a chip solutions

Designing and manufacturing OEM System-on-a-Chip or SoC solutions for consumer electronic devices, toys, office equipment and medical devices. We can provide full-custom design, standart cell or field-programmable gate array technologies for fabrication low cost and high reliable SoC colutions.

SoC solutions allow protect devices and software from copying, customer will have very exclusive IC strongly resistant to reverse engineering and hacking.

Reference based and custom OEM solutions

MCore7620x series

Reference-based module solutions for stable result from leading IC manufacturers or full-custom designs for maximal performance and flrxibility of your sysmtems, full cycle manufacturing from specification to final packaging, PCB soldering and testing of electronic components.

MCore7620x series reference based module solution with MT7620 580MHz double 802.11n 2.4GHz tranceiver channels router-on-a-chip core, depend of versions MCore7620A, MCore7620B or MCore7620N can support HNAT 2 Gbps, up to 2Gb DDR2, 1xPCIe and up to 9 external RGMII interfaces.

MCore7620x series

Lowcost OEM ZigBee modules with extended memory based on Ember EM357 core reference design powered by Silicon Labs. Standart PCB design support 6.3mW transmitter output power and -102dBm sencitivity for receiver in Boost mode. Design uses most common and available components, which positivity affects to cost of finished production. Custom software can support six work modes, such as router AT, coordinator AT, end device AT, router API, coordinator API, end device API without any hardware modifications.