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Embedded board ACR157WL5

The universal embedded ACR157WL5 board is equipped with a MediaTek MT7620 processor. The overall dimensions of the board are 100 x 75 mm. ACR157WL5 has an extended operating temperature range from -40 °C to +65 °C to withstand harsh operating conditions. ACR157WL5 has built-in 128MB RAM, as well as 32MB Flash memory. The board is equipped with an RJ45 Ethernet connector. The Quectel EC25 module is installed on the board to work in LTE mobile networks. In addition, the board is equipped with two slots for installing SIM cards. ACR157WL5 has two uFL connectors for connecting 2.4GHz WiFi antennas. ACR157WL5 has a wide supply voltage range of 8 – 30V. To ensure reliable operation, the embedded board supports a watchdog timer.